Intet er så skidt at det ikke er godt for noget

There's always an upside to loosing, in this case runner 7 won't have to carry the pressure of defending the title until next year, and obviously he'll be spending that 200 smack on some life quality-improving activity, well knowing that they're funny money and therefore his bad conscience is not double life quality improvement!!  


                                              Support Wikipedia
I use Wikipedia, on a daly basis! I love the easy acces to the vast amount of knowledge.
I've never felt like I hade any facts to contribute, so I gave them some money instead.

from the BB


a merge of some of my late doodles


A helpful device for making that trip home from the pub, the modern man needn't worry about consumption any more..

the Pipes and the Protagonist

these are some of my lastest moves from the brotherhood ( )  I've always taken great pleasure in fast results, here are some that I actually finished. Of cause there's no need to tell that these are all products of insanely complex thoughts, compressed into a minimum of simple drawings..!!


Currently I don't have time to finish what I start on my dalie brainstorm, both of these themes (horse horn, and stilleben, which in danish spells out silent leg) gave me ideas for stories, I'll probably never get around to illustrate them, but if I happen to get enough time one day, and the stories seem to have retained their marrit to me, well then...then I guess I've got some concept to leap from...

Recreational anim

this is the result of some quality time with my computer. I don't always have the patience that animation takes, so the experiment here is to get away with as much as possible.